Testimonials from Our Parents
  “The centre has provided the children a very conducive and friendly environment to learn, socialize and play.”
Mrs Phoa, parent of Vanessa and Jerrold, 2002
“My daughter is able to do her work independently. Everyday upon returning from school, she will happily relate her activities in school.”
Mrs Ramnesh, parent of Nicola Sunita and Noah Kiran, 2004
“Five years ago when I have to make a choice between a maid or a childcare centre, I chose the latter. Today, I know my choice is RIGHT when I see my children grew from ‘superglue’ kids to independent and confident children’.”
Mrs Thung, parent of Thung Tek Chen and Yee Shien, 2005

“The core of Happy Kids – is the TEACHERS. Despite having so many children in each class, they still manage to give each child INDIVIDUAL attention, familiarizing themselves with each family’s unique situation and help the children to cope.”
Ms Rene Goh, parent of Chua Kim Meng, Jre and Khym Chym, 2006

“We are very pleased with Happy Kids comprehensive curriculum. Having teachers who are willing to go the extra mile, really are commendable.”

Mrs Goh, parent of Daphne, Tina and Derek Goh, 2007

“We like to congratulate you and the school on the success of organizing the graduation concert. The children had done well and as parents we were terribly impressed with the hard work put in by teachers.”
Woei Meei & Daniel, parents of Ho Zhi Yi, 2007
We could go to work with a good peace of mind knowing the fact that my children are well taken care of by the staffs of Happy Kids.”
    Mr & MrsDanny Lim parent of Limsia and Danson Lim, 2008